Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Fresh Paint Brings Second Chances

The flea market finds continued last week with an amazingly fantastic owl wall decor and a great old mirror.

They might not look so charming pre paint, but with a little TLC - they ended up being great apartment additions for quite a charming price.  The mirror was a mere five dollars at the flea market, and the owl decor was only two!  I used paint that I already had on hand and bought a three dollar pack of paint brushes... making the grand total for both projects only ten dollars.  However; I will admit that next time I have a project that requires painting, I'll splurge on the paint brushes.  I was constantly picking out the brush's bristles from the sticky paint.  I should've listened to my dad... he always said not to buy cheap paint brushes or knock off diet coke.  :)  Lesson officially learned.

The owl decor went perfectly in my bathroom, and I also had quite the epiphany while hanging them.  Many years from now, when I finally have a little girl... I'll name her Stella or Anabelle, paint her room pink, fill it with blue owls and hang powder blue curtains with pink polka dots on her bedroom's windows.   : )

After I finished the mirror, I realized I really didn't have the space for it.  So a friend of mine and I bartered a little...  The yellow mirror now has a gorgeous new home in downtown Lewisburg, and I have a much needed kitchen table.  "WINNING!"  : )

.finished blue owls.

The lovely mirror's new home.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Flea Market Finds

Recently, I've been spending time with a great friend who is well versed in flea markets and DIY projects.  Our newest addiction is the flea market in Fairlea, WV.  They have vendors every Tuesday and Saturday and it's only about 5 minutes from Lewisburg.  I can't promise that you will find great stuff every time, but it's always fun to walk around.  Together,  I'm sure we have spent too much money on random things, but we have also found some amazing pieces!  My newest find... An old door that will soon be my new headboard.  Words cannot express the happiness of finding the door last week.  I've been on the hunt for over a year now, but every one I've found was at least $100 or more... which doesn't exactly fit into our medical school budget.  However; with a little perseverance, I was able to find this amazing door for only $20!  We spent the weekend sanding and moisturizing the old door with linseed oil.  Next, I'll attempt to turn it into a gorgeous master bedroom headboard.  I'll keep you updated as the project moves along.  Let's hope for the best!

Unfortunately, I forgot to take the before picture before starting.... So the before picture is the back side of the door (which I haven't finished yet).

Here's the progress...


After (Somewhat finished)

A little picture to help you imagine it as a headboard...