Friday, April 8, 2011

Is it settling?

  Dreams are a wonderful thing to have.  They keep us striving for more, and constantly working toward a goal.  But what if what we had was all we needed?  What if our Corolla and two bedroom apartment could be enough?  I love dreaming of moving to the Mediterranean sea and never turning back.  I love dreaming of having a house with a greenhouse full of tulips and lavender on the top floor, a movie theatre in the basement, a couch in the bathroom, a red front door, and light blue ceilings on my front porch, with an ocean for my backyard... but I've decided that for now, I will enjoy my morning coffee, springtime in Lewisburg, and my big, comfy couch.  Because enjoying what I have is far more pleasurable than dreaming of what I don't have.  

Just a thought. :)