Monday, November 15, 2010

22 going on 70

As strange of a dream it might be for a 22 year old, knitting has been a hobby I have always wanted to master.  So, with all of the new time on my hands I decided to try it out.  A friend and I enrolled in a beginner's knitting class that was taught at Carnegie Hall in downtown Lewisburg.  It was great, and left me wanting more!  Knitting takes patience... which I'm learning slowly.  But, it is a blast.  I cannot describe the joy of finishing a project, and the excitement of knowing that I was able to create something wearable from a few yards of yarn.  It's actually not as hard to learn the basic as I would have thought, and although I could see myself spending all of Jason's loan money on hand spun yarn in a cute, enticing shop downtown... there are other ways of getting off a bit cheaper.  There is a great website,, where you can print out free patterns, read other knitter's blogs, buy yarn, and just admire everyone's work.  It is great, but the best part is it is free!  :)  And instead of buying all of the tempting knitting books; I've been catching up on my knitting skills with tutorials on YouTube.  I find that I'm becoming more excited about starting a new knitting project then hanging out with friends on Friday nights. Lame?  Yes.  But when my closet is filled with lovely hand spun, and hand knitted scarfs... you too may want to start staying in on weekend nights.  :) 

I have finished a few projects, but so far; my favorite is this grey, cowl neck scarf.  I'll keep you updated, and hopefully my skills improve...I just keep telling myself that the mistakes are what make it unique. :)