Thursday, November 4, 2010

pumpkin lattes in fall

 As fall is slowly fading, I realize how much I will miss it.  I love the colors that fall brings to the normal neighborhood streets and my apartment's patch of grass.  In this small town, I feel I've been able to appreciate fall more than ever before.  I've developed an addiction to the local coffee shop, The Wild Bean, and their pumpkin lattes.  They bring out the very best of fall.  I am convinced of it. :) I've started a collection of leaves.  Jason laughs when I stop to pick one up, but every leaf I find seems to be a little bit different than the last.  My collection is growing immensely... I am sure I will have to find a plan and home for all of these leaves soon, but for now I'll just admire them on the bookshelf.  The temperature is slowly dropping, and winter will soon be here.  I'm excited for snow, but my wardrobe is not prepared.  I will have to do some sale rack winter hunts soon!  :)  Until then, I may just stay cooped up in the cozy apartment, and practice my knitting skills.  

Here are a few sites of Lewisburg in the fall. :)

The Wild Bean

Our Neighborhood

The park in our neighborhood