Saturday, March 5, 2011

"I'm gonna quit my job, and move to New York. Somebody told me that's where Dreamers should go"

  Some cities were meant for certain people, and after a whole five minutes in New York... I realized this city was meant for me.  There is something about bright lights, culture, and a Starbucks on every corner that just screams out my name.

  I met some friends in the city, and managed to spend a mere $215 on a flight, taxi, food, and even a little fun. Which I hear is unheard of.  So, if you need a cheep trip to the city...  Apparently, I'm your girl.  ; )

Thanks to Delta, my flight into the city was 15 dollars... Honest.  So, as aggravating as it is to have your flight canceled; just write a little detailed email while you are at your most irritated state, and picture a free flight to NYC to calm you down.  : ) We stayed at Sohotel, which is located right by Greenwich Village, Little Italy, and a subway.  I must admit I didn't pay for the hostel with cash.  Instead, my friends let me pay them with knitted goods, haircuts, and a few nights stay at my place.  However, for the travelers who do not barter for hostels; the hostel was amazing, and only $150 a night for an upgraded room.  We had two full sized.. extremely comfortable beds, wood floors, a flat screen television, and our very on bathroom.  The service was great, the lobby was stocked with hot coffee every morning, and the whole hostel had a great NYC hip feel to it.  The rooms were small... but when you are in New York, you won't want to be in your room for anything other than sleeping and showering.  Promise.

  As far as the city, there wasn't anything I didn't want to see or experience.  Little Italy was great, and so was Times Square, but for me... nothing beat SoHo.  I wanted to grab a bed, and camp out for the rest of my life on Broadway in front of Bloomingdales and Sabon.  But.. I had to settle for a postcard and memories for now.  ; )

Here's a few pictures to hopefully spark your drive for a New York trip soon... ; ) 

Subway Funday

Bryant Park

Friends  :)

moments before making my world go round

.chubby birds.

The Statue of Liberty and Battery Park