Saturday, October 16, 2010

Natchez is calling my name

After a very fun day with the most adorable kid in Lewisburg; I'm baking scrumptious brownies for a pot luck tonight.  I'm excited to meet new friends, and get my mind off of cute, cuddly, chubby cheeked babies.  I'm having enough of a hard time without putting one in arms reach.  Which makes me think babysitting is not my calling for the moment... but maybe brownies are.

Neiman Marcus Brownies were a staple in Christmas get-togethers at my grandfathers.  They are insanely unhealthy, and that is what makes them fabulous.  So when I eat them.. I try not to think about the cream cheese, sugar, and chocolate that I just mixed in.  Instead; I do what Jillian Michael's suggests, and imagine myself with a tiny waist and tight butt (but I'm pretty sure the positive self encouragement wasn't meant to be used while baking sweets).  The smell is starting to fill the apartment, and my heart is instantaneously wishing I had a Christmas tree and fireplace.  Something about these brownies scream home and Christmas.  Maybe that's why I love them.  Just a little pre-holiday celebration to get me through the next couple of months.

Hopefully,  your mouths are watering and you will indulge with me tonight.   Because, I never like eating chocolate alone.  :)