Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Days like that should last and last

Just an update on all of the fun that happened this weekend..

To start, Saturday we had a basket of wine and cheese delivered to our front door!  Which meant, our picnic was practically already put together.  :)  Thanks Mom!

Saturday evening we went to see "Death of a Salesman" at the Greenbrier Theatre.  It was phenomenal.  Jason and I were fighting back tears the whole second half.  The Greenbrier Theatre is very small, but so charming.  I would say it sat around 100 people or so... which made it very intimate and nice.  The cast was so talented, but the actor who played one of the brothers, Biff, was my favorite.  This show was supposedly one of the best at the theatre because all of the actors were called in from outside of Lewisburg.  So to sum it up, Experience it sometime.  You will not be disappointed.

For Sunday, I wanted to bring back the spirit of our honeymoon in Mayan Riviera, Mexico...So we started our morning with a yummy Mexican breakfast burrito.  I just wish we could have had the resort to bring it to us in bed. :) After breakfast, Jason had to meet up with a study group.. which gave me a chance to get the picnic together.  Since we were already blessed with a basket of heaven,  I just made sandwiches, and packed some fruit to bring with the wine.  Jason came home from studying, and the bike fun began...  I was determined to ride our bikes down the river trail, but being that we don't have a bike rack - we had to get creative.

After a good 30 minutes... We were successful.  :)  We had a great ride down the trail, and the picnic was perfection.  Something about the river trail is just so peaceful.  Everything always feels right here.  I can't believe such a beautiful place is only a couple miles from our apartment.

 We finished the day off relaxing at home.  I made Chicken Alfredo, and we stuffed ourselves until we were miserable.  Later, we had a candle lit Pandora jam season.  Wonderful music and a nice scented room is a great recipe for a deep night's sleep.  I would say our anniversary weekend celebration was a hit.  I realized how much the little things in life make days like that so special.  I wish it could have lasted forever.